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Aromabotanical Scented Candle Range Review

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I love candles for a multitude of reasons. They create ambience, they make the room smell wonderful and they just look so pretty flickering in their own warm glow. When buying a candle, I need it to look as pretty as it smells, because whether it’s sitting in the middle of the dining table or busy disguising the disgusting smells my housemate creates in the bathroom – it has to fit my decor.

The first thing that drew me to Aromabotanical scented candles was just how sophisticated and gorgeous the packaging was, standing out on the shelf with their bright colours and interesting scent combinations. Inside, the adorable, rounded glass and sleek black lid will make a wonderful keepsake or lolly jar once all the wax has burned off and when I lifted the lid on the Pear & Ginger candle in store... well I nearly ran to the counter!

I also purchased the Lemongrass & Ginger, because I think that’s such a fantastic summer scent and would be perfect for the relaxed weekend barbeques my housemate and I host regularly on those balmy nights throughout the warmer months. I know it’s Winter now, so until then this candle will live on the bathroom window sill about the toilet, so that my housemate can be sent back in to light it every time he walks out the bathroom door and informs me that it’s “dangerous inside there right now!” Gross!

I got to fire the Pear & Ginger up last night, when my best friend came over and I decided to throw us a cute little dinner for two to remind her how much I love her. I placed it in the middle of the table and lit it an hour before she arrived, thinking it would take that long to permeate the room, especially as I was cooking up a storm just next door!

How wrong was I! Within about ten minutes, the light, distinct scent of Pear & Ginger filled the dining and kitchen area, snuffing out the mustiness that was a result of our house being void of fresh air for weeks due to the freezing cold weather we’ve been experiencing!

The best part? These little beauts are Australian-made and hand poured, there’s no nasties and all you have to gain is a beautifully-scented home that you can’t help but want to show off.
I’m off to buy another one... if I can stop at just one!

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