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How to design your Your First home

How to design your Your First home - at the present time is very much a model of the latest home designs, ranging from minimalist to luxurious modern, of many houses, we Living Room Decor will help you find the most appropriate home design your dengn, ranging from interior to exterior, fine we'll talk about How to design your Your First home which we will present you with complete:

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How to design your Your First home

after you and partner decided to make your home? It is no surprise when you, as most potential owners is, an image in your mind of what you would be "Dream House", but the search for an existing home is your vision you rarely matches. There are many things we know how to do so in the design of your own home, you get the most out of this process so that your next home, the dream home you can imagine.
 One of two methods:
Start with a vision

    Design Your Own Home

Design Your Own Home Step 1 Version 5.jpg 
Be inspired. Before drawing a single line, drag ann expert, or use home design software application that will do it, look at your dreams. Early in this process, it does not cover the feet or company retreats or even layouts. It is about how you define your needs. Much of what you already know, it is your dream after all!
    Visit your favorite neighborhoods. There is a reason why they are your favorites, and it is most likely because you like the houses. Price practical or not-think again. What you seek is what inspires you.
    Design your own home 

Design Your Own Home Step 4 Version 4.jpg    Attend open houses. Search properties for sale in the neighborhood, who you love, and make the open house weekend regular output at this stage. Each of those functions that inspire you, and features you unmoved. Take note of each of these: it is equally important to know what you do not care either, or actively dislike.  
    Take photos. Pull each corner of the building you like, inside and outside. Here you can find find more details in the pictures you saw in person, and after visiting dozens of homes, they are a great way of this thing you can remind the beloved beginning.   
    Be organized. Dreaming is good, and it is important to have a vision of what you want to achieve, but achieving it will be much more difficult if you are constantly on the lookout for this list, you thought you left there.
        Get a notebook found solid graphics related tissue (often called "Book of Calculation"), and keep it with you until your house is finished. His numbers, graph-ruled pages will help you organize your thoughts and keep your tidy sketch. You can use tape or glue pictures, quote, entrepreneur, numbers, and everything associated with the project.
        Devote a few pages to the front, to things that need, be it your home, there is 3 bathrooms or bamboo floors, these are the things you need in your home.
        Dedicate another page or two for killing all the features and you want your list of various resources, and call this your "wish list". All this could be full of a particular shape of the molding to an Italian tile.     Paint the big picture. Now that you are clear about what you like and what you want, it is time to focus.
        Become urban and rural life like?
        Ask your needs in spacious house with room for the kids to play and run the dogs, or a comfortable bungalow for two?
        Do you prefer, clean, modern lines, or detailed handicrafts?
        Are you happy with standard construction techniques, or do you a durable design, LEED certified?
        Perhaps the most important of all considerations, what is your budget?
        These will help you as you begin your vision to focus on concrete measures.
        The more information you provide about your architect or builder on the details of your vision, the more you will have not only the design of your dreams, you can also stay on budget.
    Looking for a restaurant. This is where the rubber on the road ... or perhaps better suited where the sod. Before really dig into the design of your dream home, you should know that you compile.
        The landscape is one. Build on a hill has a different set of requirements and design challenges that construction on level ground.
        A densely wooded area can make a huge difference when it comes to windows and lighting, not to mention the solar panels and other energy considerations.
        Much narrow roads or other noise producing areas must pay more attention to acoustics that isolated rural areas.
        Access to tools and services vary by location. Ensure your chosen site includes those things we take for granted.
        Zoning can mean the difference between a dream home come true, or have a house full of compromises.
        Enlist the help of a real estate professional who can help you, your property to assess decisions from an objective point of view.
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    Consult a professional architect. Designing a home should be a project that you have many years of accomplishment, if your dream is to be realized. The best way to ensure that this is done in the most successful (and cost) to bring an architect in the design process. Your part of the design is what you want. The architectural part will help you review your design objectives, and direct you around the Fallen design.     2
    Sketch an outline. This will help you get your ideas from concept to concrete. For example (very easy), say you 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an open kitchen and a "great room" as for food and entertainment.
        Start with the basic areas of blockage, for example on the right side of the house, 2 bedrooms on one side of a corridor, with ensuite bathroom and 3rd bedroom on the other side with a bathroom main. In the middle of the road open to large entrance hall. And on the left side, the kitchen, laundry and garage access. You may find this process more fun and flexible when taking cuttings of several rooms, and then you move them to a model that works for you.
        Armed with this basic idea of ​​the layout, think about the box he is surrounded. Craftsman style homes have certain conventions, how to turn levels, colonialists and geodesic domes. A plan that works in a craftsman house probably will not feel so comfortable in a dome.     3
    Create a floor plan. There is software that will allow you to place the rooms, walls, windows, etc., to create a professional looking design. They realize that the software and vision is that as far as you get.
        To create a truly viable design that not only takes into beautiful design ideas, but considers that these practical considerations that the structural integrity, floodplains, drainage, slope, and all the other little details, it is important working with an architect,
        Error in Phase Vision is cost nothing. Error in the design phase done takes time. But these errors lead to the construction phase, and it will cost you more than your budget might even consider.     4
    Delegate. Knowing when is the pre-rental, you take the design of your own home from a dream into reality. Take your plans, the firm hand of an experienced designer through the process of completion. He will work with the architect and general contractor for your dreams.
        You created the concept, you drove the dream. You have done all the leg work, found the property, focusing your design goals, and know exactly what you want. Now, you have more important tasks involved in the management of building your dream home.

    Another idea is a friendly car park where you are at a pace of a snail and chalk the approximate dimensions of your home, including all rooms, doors and corridors. This gives you the opportunity to go through your prospective home and really feel how the spaces relate to each other. Of course, you have walls and doors, but imagine what the limits, it is a fun exercise, which can lead to new ideas.
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    If you start all your documents in folders and keep them in a cardboard box. If you find something, cardboard is the place for it, and later, when you need it.
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    Talk to a professional to help you, from the beginning of this process. Most good residential architects to consult with you early in the process, and you will save in the long run a lot of time and money.
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    If you are having a hard time visualizing a design, consider a 3D visualization studio. These days, you can create a photorealistic version of your indoor or outdoor. For more information, enter "architectural rendering" in a search engine. Currently, you must find some amazing studios in South Florida, New York City and other major cities.
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    Take your time. Think about how you use each space, the furniture in the room, circulation through and around areas, and what is most important to each room. Cut paper forms measured for furniture and cabinets and try to see how they work with windows, doors and traffic paths through space.
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    Scissors, glue stick and photocopying are your best friends during the plan review process. Cut and paste the content and the copy of your heart!
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    To use the tools are simple pencil and paper and do not forget a rule (or scale). Architects use "tissue paper", which can be found sold in all stores as writing supplies. A cutting board wood kitchen is a great drawing board! An erasable whiteboard and provide a great way Marker to flesh out a design that is changing rapidly or is incremental in development. Nothing better for all inputs and participation in a design of a whiteboard!

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