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40 Girls' Bedroom Design Ideas

40 Girls' Bedroom Design Ideas - at the present time is very much a model of the latest home designs, ranging from minimalist to luxurious modern, of many houses, we Living Room Decor will help you find the most appropriate home design your dengn, ranging from interior to exterior, fine we'll talk about 40 Girls' Bedroom Design Ideas which we will present you with complete:

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If you expect a little girl in your family, or you already have on and decided to redecorate her bedroom, you came to the right place to get some inspiration for how you can decorate the bedroom.
Girls nowadays are now satisfied with just a room with pink walls and decorations, you have to focus on her personality and interests to do a successful job.
You will find bedroom ideas for all ages girls, from girl nurseries ideas to young girls and teen girls, so no matter how old your daughter is you will surely find at least an good idea for the design, here.
So let's get started with the best 61 design for a girl's bedroom.

1. An easy to do bedroom design

You don't have to go crazy when decorating your girl's bedroom, a simplistic approach will do the job in most of the cases.

2. A pink-yellow design idea

This bedroom is for two small girls, it has yellow simple furniture and a mix of pink and white wall.

3. Bedroom idea for 4 girls

This simple blue wood bedroom was planed for the use of 4 girls, those arches look amazing.

4. Pink cartoon bedroom

This nursery room is quite stylish, decorated with pink all the way, which every little girl likes. The walls are painted with cartoon characters and the bad is shaped like a sports car.

5. Attic turned into a girl's bedroom

For a small girl you can turn the attic into a nice looking bedroom. Just use bright colors and a hearts decorated curtains and sheets.

6. Hearts decorated bedroom

Little girls are in love with hearts decorations, so make sure you place as much hearts as you can into the room. Pink colors also blend nice with light wood floor textures.

7. Hello Kitty design idea

Girls are really in love with anything related to Hello Kitty, and placing a logo of it on to the bed will make them really happy.

8.Teen girl blue bedroom

Teen girls are no longer into pink stuff, this example of a mixture of green and blue decorations is much more on their taste. Add a swimming picture and you are golden.

9. Make a tree from a pillar

You have to use your imagination, in this example a ordinary pillar was turned into a tree with just a few clever decorations, the bedroom is designed for 2 sisters having one of the beds on top of the other.

10. All pink bedroom for sisters

Young girls will feel great in such a bedroom, with pink everywhere and a plain and simple design.

11. A textured young girl bedroom idea

12. Another approach on the Hello Kitty idea

Hello Kitty is everywhere in this bedroom, the bed headboard of the bed is shaped like hello kitty, the wardrobe has it painted on, and even the mirror table is shaped like Hello Kitty. A young girl will be for sure delighted to sleep in such a room.

13. Princess bed

Every little girl wants to be a princess, so why don't you make her bed look like a princess's one? Just hang some veils on the corners of the bed frame and this will do the job.

14. Oriental idea for a girl's bedroom

This one has some oriental inspiration. Make sure you decorate the bedroom with your daughter's favorite plush animals.

15. Purple-pink hearts decorations

Another idea to paint a bedroom walls is with purple and pink colors, than make sure the furniture matches the theme and add some hearts on the walls for the finishing touches, any young girl will love such a bedroom.

16. Another Hello Kitty bedroom

This design took the Hello Kitty concept a bit too far. Everything looks like Hello Kitty, starting from the bed, sheets, clock, lamp to the cabinets, mirror and rug.

17. More Hello Kitty... 

Sometimes you need to do some hard work for things to look unique. In this image the owner completely turn a wall into a hello kitty shaped access passage. It's a bit extreme but it looks really good. 

18. Fairly tale idea

Little girls know a lot of fairy tales, and making them fell like they are in a fairy tale makes them happy. This design shows a dray turned into a bed, and it's even carried by a unicorn.

19. A more simplistic design idea

20. A modern bedroom idea

This shows a modern bedroom idea for a girl, decorated with bright colors and modern appliances, suited for a girl who doesn't like pink.

21. Another facile idea

22. 2 girls bedroom idea

For preteen girls a bedroom with a bright and clean design is a good way to go. Just let them put posters with their favorite singers on the wall, they will look great in this design.

23. Another attic turned into a little girl's bedroom

Attics make a great nursery room, the main tip you need to follow is to paint it in white, it will make the room look bigger and brighter.

24. Use toys to decorate a girl's bedroom.

25. Turn the bed into a car

Little girls love cars as much as boys do, just make sure is a pink car, that you can turn it into a bed.

26. Teenager girls bedroom idea

Teenagers will like a more simple design, so don't overdo it with pink colors. 

27. Another princess bed idea

28. Simple dray frame idea

You can find bed frames shaped like drays and you will make your little girl feel like Cinderella.

29. Pink and yellow bedroom idea

Pink blends very well with yellow, and these colors will fit perfectly into a girl's bedroom.

30. Balcony bedroom for girls

31. Red is fitted as well

Red is the second favorite color of any girl, painting the walls this way will look nice in a girl's bedroom. 

32. Wide windows bedroom


34. Modern bedroom for a teen girl

For a teenager girl you can use darker colors like orange and black, as long as you paint the walls white.

35. Surfer teen girl bedroom

36. Paint the walls with things she loves

Paint on the walls butterflies and trees to lighten the mood.

37. Another idea for a bunk bed bedroom



40. Yellow bedroom desk

Make sure you also include a modern desk where your daughter can use her laptop or computer.

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