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45 Small and Compact Bedroom Solutions

45 Small and Compact Bedroom Solutions - at the present time is very much a model of the latest home designs, ranging from minimalist to luxurious modern, of many houses, we Living Room Decor will help you find the most appropriate home design your dengn, ranging from interior to exterior, fine we'll talk about 45 Small and Compact Bedroom Solutions which we will present you with complete:

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A small bedroom solution is something that people with small rooms are looking for. Finding the right furniture and idea of how to place it inside the bedrooms is challenging. You will certainly try to maximize the space you have as best as you can. The best trick to give the illusion of bigger space is to use light colors, the dark nuances make the room feel smaller than it is actually is.

Another good idea is to use mirrors as much as you can, the reflections will make the room feel bigger, and of course you are lucky if you have large windows in the room, because they will bring a lot of light inside and this will turn a small bedroom into a bigger bedroom.

Choosing the right furniture is as important as the rest, smaller beds save a lot of space, or opt-in for bunk beds if the bedroom is for two. Besides that there are other smaller tricks to make a small bedroom feel bigger, i will let you find them in the images below.

This bedroom is designed for two kids with two bunk beds and besides them there is a closet. Above the closed they put an desk to optimize fully the space. The colors used are light, a bled of white and green which contribute at making the bedroom fell bigger than it actually is.
An attic can be transformed into a bedroom with ease. You should use light colors on the wall and floor to make it look cleaner and bigger.
Optimizing the space in a bedroom can be done in many ways, in this example the bed is placed on top of the closet. Storage shelves are under the bed, and next to it an compact desk.
You can use dark colors into a small bedroom, just don't over-use them. This example shows a blend of white walls and some dark stickers, a dark rug and black and white bed sheets. The space where the bed is placed is an annex of the room and it fits great for a bed space.
If your room is really small or you want to place the sleeping area just in a small portion of a bigger room, this solution is one of the best you can find. Here the compact design is to another level, the bed is placed up above a closed closet and next to it there is another storage cabinet. Above the cabinet you can place your work desk and a spiral stair makes the access to the bed facile. They even mounted a small book shelf above the bed, for a night read.
Light colors is the way to go if you have a small bedroom. Here you can see an example of white and olive design. The bed in this bedroom is a folding bed, so the space optimization is maximum. Besides the bed is the desk, that keeps the olive-white design.
If you have a one room apartment this solution will fit just find. They chosen to suspend the bed up above the couch, and the access to it is trough a simple ladder. This is one of the best way to use space that you normally don't use.
Choosing the right furniture is something you need to think carefully before you decorate your bedroom. For a small bedroom buying compact furniture is a must. Here you can see an example of an bed with storage drawers under it, and a corner desk that takes advantage of the small space in the room.
If you look closely you will see that the bedroom is not as big as you think. The optimizations are well done in this example. They choose to put a bed with storage areas under it, so no extra clothes wardrobe is needed. Above the bed there are 3 extra storage shelves and the desk is simple and thin to leave as much space as it can in the bedroom. The blend of light green and white also contributes at the feeling of large space.
Another solution for an compact bedroom that takes little of the available space. The bed is placed above a mini-room with an couch inside. The outside of the mini-room has a bookshelf  and the access to the bed is done via a side ladder.
An sliding bed is a good solution to clear a lot of space into a bedroom. Here you can see the bed is sliding into the wardrobe clearing most of the room. A bookshelf is on the opposite wall and next to it an compact desk. The colors used contribute to the large space appearance as well.
It wont need any fancy furniture to decorate your bedroom, if you done it right anything will work.
Another solution with the bed on top of the storage cabinet. Next to the bed is the work desk and the access to them is done via the spiral wood ladder. A lot of storage drawers are under the bed, enough for anybody.
This solution is one of my favorites. They managed to squeeze two beds into such a small place, and as an extra there is also a desk under the beds and a spacious closet. 
You can paint your wall is such a way it will give the impression of an endless room. Here you can see a good example, the wall behind the bed is painted with the picture of an highway road, which makes the room extend beyond the wall.
Girls can also sleep in an attic, if it is properly furnished as an bedroom. A small storage area can be placed under the window, and some flower painting on the wall. Also there will be a great sky view at night time.
Large windows and glass doors makes any room feels bigger, so if you have the possibility to implement this in your small bedroom go for it.
Light wood colors can also blend nicely in a small bedroom, especially if you have large windows like this, and a view as good as this forest.
Folding beds are an viable solution to use in a small bedroom. They save a lot of space, and you can place other thinks like storage shelves or a desk next to them.
Here is a futuristic example of how to decorate your small bedroom. Use light colors and simple furniture to maximize the feeling of space.
Here is another example of bunk bed. This time there is a small modifications, the bunk beds are sliding one under the other, and can save a lot of space this way.
If you have a small room like this the only solution is a pliable bed and an folding desk. Also shiny furniture will make the room feel bigger.
Using mirrors is one of the best tactic to make your compact bedroom to feel larger. The reflections give the impression of an endless space.
Another example of mirror use. Here the doors of the wardrobe are made entirely from mirrors, which makes the room seem considerably bigger.
You can separate the room with a fake wall, and place inside two beds. This way you make the room divided and if you paint it in white it will seem larger.
This double bed mirrored design is one of the best. The bedroom is split in two and the middle area contains a small desk which is shared by two kids.

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