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How Cleaning a Messy Room Can Be Fun for Your Kids

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For most children, the household is one of the most feared of all the housework. You join the ranks of the excavation shit or spend an entire Saturday afternoon to clean the garage. Many mothers get so much opposition to this formidable task, often just finished cleaning the room of their own children. But have you ever stopped to wonder why this work is so feared by most children? 

Bit parts 

The room of a child seems to be the gathering place for discarded packaging, torn paper, bits of broken toys and even the occasional rotten banana peel. All these bits and pieces can make a child feel so overwhelmed that often do not even know where to start! The solution? Give them a system. 


In the adult world, we have the systems and procedures for the effective performance of duties. Can you imagine a new job with nothing but "good luck" and a pat on the back? Or how the local city government all things work the way they want without following procedures? It would be pure chaos and not very productive. However, this is the kind of environment that we set for our children to work in the same way when we do not give them a system to clean. For adults, it may seem obvious what to do to get a clean room, but for a child, it could very well seemed like a lot of chaos. 

Cleaning tools Room 

The right tools can help do our job effectively. The same is true for a child to clean a room. You will need 4 small containers or plastic laundry baskets and small trash. With a permanent marker, write on each individual plastic bath (or hamper) the following words: back, clothes, toys, books. Then, mark midway in the trash. 

Mix, divide and conquer! 

Mix - The first stage of the system is also the most fun! Is to make a big messy pile in the middle of the room. Using the door as a starting point, your child work your way around the perimeter of the room, pulling it out of place in a big pile in the middle. Do not forget to throw in the trash, such as packaging (as long as it's not a rotten sandwich!) In the pile too. 

Divide - This will be marked and trash placed near bathtubs hair disheveled. Ask your child to sort through the pile, taking the various issues in appropriate containers or bins. For example, textbooks, comic books or magazines in the tub marked "books". The tub "return" must be used for items that are returned to other areas of the home such as dishes or laundry. 

Conquer - After the messy pile is gone, the contents of the tanks must be returned to their place, one at a time. If trash is higher than the line within line, you'll need to be emptied. If the waste is below the line, you can put back for next time. Last but not least, the containers must be returned to their designated storage location. 

Voila! You just give your child a recipe for success to clean a messy room! Not only do most kids think that this form of clean fun, but increases self-confidence and provides skills that can last a lifetime.

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