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Bedroom Closet Organization Tips

Bedroom Closet Organization Tips - at the present time is very much a model of the latest home designs, ranging from minimalist to luxurious modern, of many houses, we Living Room Decor will help you find the most appropriate home design your dengn, ranging from interior to exterior, fine we'll talk about Bedroom Closet Organization Tips which we will present you with complete:

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If you're like most people, you use 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time, leaving a number of items in your closet taking up valuable space. 

Choose a rainy Saturday to implement these closet organization tips bedroom. 

Clean & Order 

Start by taking your entire wardrobe. And while the cupboard is bare, do cleaning walls, shelves and floor. 

Go through all your clothes and decide what to keep, give away or just get rid of. 
If you have not seen or used in a year, get rid of it, if you donate to charity or take it to a consignment shop. Do not worry when they come back in style or if you lose weight to fit into it again. If you want to lose weight, then when you do, enjoy something new. 

If you have to think about something more than a minute, probably not worth having. 

Ask your self: 

Want to buy this product again? 
Does it look good on me and make me feel good to wear? 
is to clean and maintain? 
Try the clothes you are unsure. 

Put what's left in the cupboard and sorting by type (seasonal), all dress pants, dresses, jeans, etc. and then sort by color. Clothing color coding is a bedroom closet tips that will make things easier to find and choose your fun costumes organization. 

Keep your perspective the most used all elements, elements less used below, and used items of lesser height. 
Remove and season folding clothes storage in bags or on shelves. 


Recycle hangers to dry cleaners, and invest in premises that are coordinated. If you really want to splurge, enjoy cedar or wooden sheds, sheds and cotton for their delicate clothes. 

But until you can replace them all, hangars thick plastic work well and are inexpensive. 

Using the same type of hangar will give you a clean look and help you stay organized 
to tidy your wardrobe and still force their clothes to hang further away causing less wrinkles. 


There are advantages to fold shirts and pants and use the space above and below the bar in your closet will allow you to store more, especially if you are short on space anyway. 

The space occupied by individual hangars easily shirts hanging space takes as much space as twenty stacked vertically folded shirts and more. Sweaters should be folded particular (hangars could lose their shape), then put them on the shelves, color-coded for fast retrieval. 

Closet organizing tips room for shoes, accessories 

Remove the shoes you really do not save more. Place all other boxes, cartons, trays or store bought and hung shoes or shoe rack of some sort (not thrown randomly on the floor) organizer. 

You can also put shoe racks on the backs of doors, not just for shoes, but for small accessories such as belts and scarves making them easily accessible. 

The hooks are also easily accessible, belts and scarves hung tote bags and cheap. I like to use hooks to hang my clothes I'm trying to decide what I was wearing the next day, and then when I finish all are ready to go. 

Use a combination of storage elements that are attractive and tailored to their individual needs. 
Baskets and hat boxes look pretty and work for their junk loose. 
Add drawers for folded items and add separators to keep the battery components ordered. 
Stuff purses and shoes with tissue paper to help keep fit 
Bedroom closet organization tips for staying organized. 

Take inventory of your wardrobe (which is now held) and you can change the things that need to be replaced to avoid accumulation of more clothes. 

In other words, if you buy a new pair of jeans to donate the old pair and so on, and do not buy something just because it is on sale. Keep a basket where you can throw things at you and they will have to make a donation when the basket is full to take your local charity. 

Organize your stuff everyday. What comes out of your closet (in the morning peak) should return. 

If you start buying better quality but less of it, there is less waste of resources that will make your clothes, such as labor, materials and transportation. 

The last (but not least) the tip of his organization bedroom closet is to treat your wardrobe a small room. Add a light, and if you have the space, a stool or a bench to use as a step or designing clothes from the night before you need it.

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