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Outdoor Decorating Design Ideas 2011

Outdoor Decorating Design Ideas 2011 - at the present time is very much a model of the latest home designs, ranging from minimalist to luxurious modern, of many houses, we Living Room Decor will help you find the most appropriate home design your dengn, ranging from interior to exterior, fine we'll talk about Outdoor Decorating Design Ideas 2011 which we will present you with complete:

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Casual Design

Contemporary touches, such as a neutral color palette, simple furniture designs, and matching cushions, can be cozy without distracting from a porch view. The angular geometry of this open porch's deck and railing emphasize the organic curves of the natural surroundings

Room with a View

Love the view from your porch? Give yourself an unobstructed outlook by designing your porch to have open sides, placing you at the heart of the landscape. Rich brown, orange, and green upholsteries warm up this porch and invite guests to make themselves at home

Natural Wonder

Keep an enclosed porch connected to the outdoors with color and texture. Wide-plank wood flooring, oversized arched windows, and plenty of plants set an organic tone. A glasstop table set and a large chandelier are visually lightweight yet compelling .

Scenic Escape

What could be more appealing on a warm day than lounging in a comfy seat, gazing out at a lake view or landscape? A large L-shaped sofa anchors the seating group on this spacious porch. A small table can serve as a dining area or a place to serve drinks and appetizers. An open floor plan makes this the perfect place for relaxing, entertaining, and gathering .

Sit a Spell

Add charm to your porch with comfortable furnishings and unique elements. A primary seating area and a separate dining nook help break up the long, narrow expanse of this classic porch. Striped accent pillows atop pink cushion fabric give these white wicker furnishings a colorful pop, and a large rug adds a fun twist to the space .

Color Burst

Wake up basic white furnishings with a splash of color. Bright accents, such as seasonal flowers, a decorative screen, and pink and yellow throw pillows, add punches of color and comfort.

Classic Comfort

This porch features a cozy nook for outdoor dining. A basic blue-and-white color palette keeps with the casual ambience. Oversize curtains partition the space to make it more intimate .

Blur the Line

Just a step up from the ground, the fine line where this porch ends and the backyard begins is blurred by greenery. A modest amount of furnishings and a large curtain keep this retreat light and bright without losing its connection to the backyard

Beyond the Sea

This laid-back living space gets its look from bright, beachy colors. Light blues, greens, oranges, and pinks pair with white for an inviting atmosphere. A traditional porch swing was converted into a rocker and painted lime green. The wicker furnishings are lightweight and can be easily arranged for entertaining .

Under Cover

A high-rise canopy adds whimsy to this outdoor haven. Handsome bamboo shades break up sunlight and create privacy, while potted plants enhance the area's organic look. A subtle border is made by circularly positioned furniture, giving the space a true room-like feel .

Exotic Escape

A mix of wooden accents and colorful potted plants give this porch an exotic treatment you'd expect to find in a paradise retreat. Ceramic garden stools stand in as an all-weather alternative to an ottoman or cocktail table .

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